Environmentally-friendly Renewable Energy


In Myongchon farm in Jangyon county, South Hwanghae province, as part of the resumption of the Sustainable Rural Energy Development Programme (SRED) in 2010, a mini (600 kW) hydropower turbine and generator was supplied to the local community. The local people themselves provided significant in-kind contributions through labour and civil construction for the project. 


  • The project supplies electricity to 700 households, benefiting about 2700 people
  • The project increases awareness of using environmentally-friendly renewable energy

The total distribution length from the power plant is approximately 40 kilometres. Electricity is distributed to 700 households as well as a school, kindergarten, nursery, health clinic, farmers’ community room and dormitory. It benefits about 2700 people.

Moreover, six small businesses of seven work teams (one work team consists of residents from several villages), at a distance of approximately eight km from the farm, benefit from the supply of electricity. A food processing entity uses a 14 kW motor to produce rice powder and prepare granules from the powder for further production of noodles and other products. The tools allow the current production of 400 kg of processed food per day. After satisfying the needs of the farm, it could take orders from neighbouring farms.

Noodle-making and oil production units have 10 and 20 kW motors. A power saw bench for wood has a total capacity of about 39 kW. The daily necessity workshop has welding equipment that neighbouring farms can also use. It is expected that the new equipment for the pilot project will provide reliable electricity to the community and increase work to fix and extend distribution lines to small businesses, buildings and people.