Climate Change & the Environment

Mitigating climate change and producing and consuming energy in sustainable ways have new urgency, due to the increased frequency of extreme weather phenomena that is bringing about both floods and droughts. UNDP’s programmes in this area are multi-faceted. They include improving the ability to manage the damage caused by natural disasters, generating energy in a sustainable manner and reducing pollution.

Our Goals

UNDP seeks to help DPRK promote renewable energy and energy efficient technologies along sustainable development principles and practices. The UNDP programme aims to improve:

  • Working and living conditions especially of vulnerable populations in rural areas, and to reduce carbon emissions from thermal electricity generated with fossil fuels— mostly coal— by promoting small wind energy development targeting the rural sector.

  • Disaster management and strategies for adapting to and mitigating climate change.

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    A 50 cubic metre biogas unit at a pig farm in the Mopung farm is launched

    Biogas can provide light for a greenhouse as well as light and gas for cooking to 20 families at the farm. In addition, farmers will receive around three tonnes of biofertilizer every day.

    Our Stories


      Environmentally-friendly Renewable Energy

      In Myongchon farm in Jangyon county, South Hwanghae province, as part of the resumption of the Sustainable Rural Energy Development Programme (SRED) in 2010, a minimore

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    Projects and Initiatives

    Sustainable Rural Energy Development Programme

    The project is designed to help DPRK in the successful implementation of the national Rural Energy Programme, along sustainable development principles and practices more

    Small Wind Energy Development and Promotion in Rural Areas

    The objective of the SWEDPRA project is primarily to contribute to the reduction of overall carbon emissions, such as those from electricity generation from coal. more

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