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The United Nations Resident Coordinator
System in the

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

The Resident Coordinator is the designated representative of the Secretary-General and leader of the United Nations Country Team (UNCT). The Resident Coordinator is selected by the Secretary-General after consultation with members of the Administrative Committee on Coordination and reports to the Secretary-General through the UNDP Administrator. The Resident Coordinator, on behalf of UN agencies and in consultation with UN agencies’ country representatives, assumes overall responsibility for, and coordination of, the operational activities of UN agencies including UN staff security at the country level. This is done by agreement with the host government and in conformity with the mandates and objectives of the UN agencies.

According to UNDP Administrator Helen Clark, “When we empower Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams, streamline decision-making, and lay out clear lines of accountability, we do improve the coherence, effectiveness, and efficiency of the UN at the country level.”

As such, the effectiveness of the UN Resident Coordinator System is central to providing the highest quality support to national partners to achieve the MDGs, advance peace and stability and achieve sustainable human development.

The UNCT ensures inter-agency coordination and decision making at the country level. The main purpose of the Country Team is for individual agencies to plan and work together, as part of the Resident Coordinator system, in order to ensure the delivery of tangible results in support of the government’s development agenda. The Office of the UN Resident Coordinator harmonises the work of the UN organisations, both resident and non-resident.

The 2011-2015 United Nations Strategic Framework (UNSF) for Cooperation between the United Nations and the Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea provides the basis for the UN-DPRK partnership.

For more information :- The 2011-2015 United Nations Strategic Framework (UNSF)
For more information about the work of the UN system in DPR Korea, please visit:  www.kp.one.un.org.

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