Our Projects

The goal of UNDP DPRK is to implement the projects approved by the Executive Board in 2009. The six projects that are currently being implemented correspond to the following areas: food security and rural development; climate change and the environment; and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The successful and effective implementation of these initiatives will have a direct impact in the lives of people, particularly rural populations. They are in line with national priorities to combat poverty, improve people’s quality of life and achieve the MDGs.

The new Country Programme Document (CPD) for 2011-2015 was approved by the Board in February 2011. The areas covered by the CPD include food security and rural development; socio-economic development; and climate change and the environment. Efforts are currently under way to initiate its implementation.


In DPRK, our work focuses on people at the grassroots level. All of our projects and programmes cover rural communities in seven provinces.