Small Wind Energy Development and Promotion in Rural Areas

What is the Project About?

 5 kW demonstration SWES in Pyongsong City.

The objective of the SWEDPRA project is primarily to contribute to the reduction of overall carbon emissions, such as those from electricity generation from coal. From a humanitarian perspective, the project’s rural focus is based on the realisation that it is these areas where energy shortage, and hence the need for an alternative form of energy, is greatest. SWEDPRA assists nascent small wind energy systems (SWES) manufacturers in DPRK to improve their manufacturing and business skills to target the rural energy market.

The technological focus of the project is small-scale, from 300 W to 5 kW – adequate for the demand of rural households as well as small-scale farms.


A 5 kW demonstration SWES has been installed in Pyongsong City by the SWEDPRA project. In addition to wind energy demonstration (measurement, testing, etc.), it provides urgently needed power for a nearby maternity hospital. The Director and Vice Director of the hospital have expressed high appreciation for the assistance as the wind energy allows operations and obstetric aid in emergency cases during electricity cuts, which are routine. The wind turbine is backing up the work of two operation rooms and two emergency rooms of the hospital.

Source of Funds:

Source of Funds: Total Project Budget:
GEF, UNDP TRAC US$ 1,445,000